那些年我们弄死的白莲花[快穿] / Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Female Lead – Bai Wei
Male Lead 1 – Su Mo
Male Lead 2 – Lin Zisheng (our MC)

1.05 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

Upon hearing Luo Yan’s words, Bai Wei’s face became pale. Her eyes pleading for help fell on each and everyone at the surrounding but they just looked back at her with a mocking smile. At this point, who else can’t see what is really happening? This woman came here just to curry favor with the powerful one for benefits!

“I don’t…” She was not reconciled. It was hard to meet Ah Mo today. Her gift has not been sent out. How can she be driven out like this!

“Miss White, you have no choice. If you are so entangled in this, we will choose to call the police.” Luo smoke slowly frowned, and her heart was full of disgust for the person who did not know how to advance and retreat.

In her education, women are self-respecting and self-love. Nowadays, this person not only does not love himself, but also hangs his face on the man, making her feel that Bai Wei’s behavior is really a shame for women!
What makes Luoyan feel more disgusted is that Bai Wei does not know the current affairs.

The people attending the banquet are obviously after the famous family, and the family is worth a thousand dollars, but Bai Wei does not seem to have any worth background, even if her temperament is pure, the white dress has a dusty feeling on her body can not cover it. The fact of cheap, Bai Wei’s identity is absolutely not eligible to receive an invitation.

“Miss White?”

Looking at the smile on Luo Yan’s face, Bai Wei knows that no matter what she said today, there is no way to stay here, and then entangled will only make herself more embarrassed, and now Luoyan is here, although she does not want to admit it, but she never None of them have been cheapened in Luoyan.

Resentment left, just before leaving, Bai Wei still looked at Su Mo and Lin Zizhen with reluctant eyes. In the end, it seemed that he was succumbed to the grievances and left.

“Mr. Lin, please forgive me for speaking. It may be a bit ugly,” Luo Yan said apologizing for what he said next, and then slowly said, “Those people really don’t deserve you, maybe you don’t see it. But I can feel her full calculations and utilitarian, such a woman is not suitable for being a wife.”

I feel that Su Mo has a good impression on this person, so Luo Yan will remind you.

Although Su Mo is very fancy, but in other aspects, he pays more attention to feelings, such as family and friendship. He just does not believe in love, so this person who can be loved by Su Mo is naturally willing to help.

“I know, and I just didn’t lie, and she was just two sides. I don’t know how to get entangled.” Lin Ziyi nodded and said that he also expressed his gratitude to Luoyan.

Naturally, this birthday party was a bit embarrassing because of the small episode of Bai Wei, but in the end it was a guest.

After the banquet, Luo Yan looked at Su Mo, who was stuck in the forest, and his heart flashed a bit of surprise. He seemed to be more than just a simple heart for Lin Zikai. Is it…

“Meng brother, you like that person!?” Luo Yan whispered, and even the attitude he had been insisting on was forgotten by her, slightly open mouth.

“How is it possible, little girl, how old are you, what do you like to like?” Forced to smash the head of Luo Luoyan, Su Mo took a cigarette, leaning on the sofa, he did not find himself in his expression. Irritability.

Looking at the obviously inconsistent Su Mo Luo cigarette is a clear understanding, Mo Ge brother is estimated to have been taken care of, but only because of the previous sexual orientation, so did not find it.

“Little girl, I don’t like it, I don’t like it, what is your look!”

Looking at Su Mo, I was a little angry and angry. Luo Yan shrugged. Anyway, she was not the person she liked. She went to the mouth, but…

Although I don’t know the identity of the Linzi, but I shouldn’t be poor when I look at the clothes. The men who are good and rich are enough to make most of the women crazy. If the woman is taken away by the woman, I don’t know the brothers. How to cry!

Thinking of this, Luoyan does not want to remind Su Mo, um, occasionally look at the excitement is also a good thing!

The two of them were worried about each other, and the other side of the forest was also in trouble, because he went out and saw Bai Wei who had not left after being driven out.
“Auntie, let’s go back to school.” Although it is just entering the autumn, but the weather is already cold at night, in order to impress Su Mo, Bai Wei deliberately picked a thin white dress, but now she is subject to her. With enough sin, the whole person was frozen and stunned at first glance.

“Bai Wei, I want to go home today, I will not go back to school, you can take a taxi back.” Looking at Bai Wei, who is still in the process of perseverance, Lin Zikai’s heart is only Ying Ying, this person is so eyeless!

“This… it’s not good to hit the car so late, and it’s dangerous for me to take a girl by car. Auntie, can you take me in for a night?” Hearing the words of Lin Zikai, Bai Wei’s heart suddenly had a calculation, though It is a pity to say that there is no way to win the Soviet Union today, but it is the same to win the forest!

“Bai Wei, my family hates the woman who rushed to the door. Even if you go back with me, you will be thrown out.” After saying this, Lin Zikai came to pick up his car and open it. The car door sat up, and then closed the door in front of Bai Wei, and went away.

Bai Wei simply had no time to react to Lin Zikai and had already left in the car. She could only bite her teeth in place.

“Two young masters, just the lady is…?” The driver looked at the ugly woods sitting behind him and asked carefully. Although the young master looked indifferent, he was actually a cold-hearted person who could make him The person who treats it is usually a person who makes him very unhappy. This matter… should talk to the lady.

“The people who met two sides yesterday and today have been entangled when they meet.” After finishing this, Lin Zikai slowly closed his eyes. This attitude is obvious to tell the driver, now he does not want to say anything. .

But now even if Lin Zikai doesn’t say anything anymore, the driver’s mind has a general idea. The woman must know the identity of the young master, so it will be entangled!

It must be like this!

Lin Zikai simply did not know what his own words made the driver’s brain look like, but the effect is similar to what she imagined.

In this way, after all the way, after returning to the villa where the Lin family was, Lin Zikai stood at the door and frowned.

Although I know everything about this world, and even the memory of Lin Zikai, he still has some worries about wearing it. After all, where is the identity of Lin Zikai, he is the second master of the gangster family, and his skill is definitely very good.

Although he likes fitness, he didn’t learn any hard work. After all, he is just a businessman. Is there anyone who has nothing to kill him?

[In the system scan, obtain the identity of the male two Linzi, the young master of the underworld, and acquire the skills: shooting, fighting, fighting, interrogation. 】

[Hey, do you get new skills, are you equipped? 】

When I heard 001, Lin Zi’s mouth twitched for a moment, and now he found that 001 is getting smarter and he doesn’t have to worry about wearing it.


[skills and equipment…]

[Skills and equipment are complete, your current physique +1, physical fitness +5, mental +5, and open the body comprehensive system bar, then you can get talent points in the mission to enhance your potential, you can also buy through points. 】

When I heard 001, Lin Zizhen was a little surprised, but the next moment was curious.

“Do these things I redeem will disappear in my return to the original world?”

[No, whether it is your physical changes or acquired skills, you will not disappear in the world back to the original, but the skills of the upper world will be weakened or sealed accordingly. 】

“What is the superior world?” Lin Zikai was the first to hear such a concept.

[Comprehensive, magic, and interstellar world are the upper worlds. The skills acquired in the higher world will have a devastating blow to the subordinate world, so it needs to be weakened and sealed. 】

001 said that Lin Zikai understands that this is just to maintain a balance of the world.

After asking all the things he wanted, Lin Zikai pushed the door and went in.

In the eye is a full-faced white-haired face, a young man, with an eardrum on his left ear, a large obsidian earring on the earlobe, and after he saw the forest, he specially waved his hand, “Hey, two Brother, you are back.”

This person is the younger brother of Lin Zikai, Lin Jiasan Shaolin Zihui.

“Well, my brother called me and said that he is coming back today. Our three brothers got together, so I will be back.” Sitting on the sofa, Lin Zikai pulled the tie and loosened the button on the neckline. I feel a lot easier.

“No… No, big brother will come back!?” Lin Zihui heard the words of Lin Zikai, just like the cat who was stepped on the tail. The whole person was stunned. “Lin Bo, Lin Bo, Big Brother is coming back to you.” do you know?”

Such an important thing, Lin Bo, how to forget to tell him, miserable, really miserable!

“Back to the three young masters, the young and the young deliberately told me not to tell the three young masters, saying that it is to give the three young master a surprise.” But now it seems that it is not a surprise, but scared.

“It’s over, it’s over, it’s over, if I am seen by my eldest brother, I will die!” Lin Zihui finished the drums and circled in the room, and the two people on the side couldn’t help but want to laugh.

“Second brother, you must save me. Now only you can let me escape the big brother’s clutch. If the big brother sees me like this, it will definitely kill me!” The mainstream look, if you really see it by the big brother, it will definitely take off a layer of skin!

“Oh? If I saw it, I will definitely kill you?” Just as Lin Zihui was still asking for help, a low male voice rang and Lin Zihui was frozen.

He can only turn the head in a slow motion like a cartoon in a cassette. When he sees the tall man standing at the door, Lin Zihui feels his man and his poor man. Beware that the liver has cracked together, and the wind is blowing and it is estimated that it will be sanded immediately…



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