[Random] Thoughts on a danmei novel

Since LMTY is going to end soon, I thought I wanna start a ‘Suggested Danmei’ project which I will look for interesting danmei and translate Chapter 1 as bait motivation for other translator to take them in :v

So I found this rebirth novel which the summary sounds decent.
Then….. the first chapter gave me a bitter feeling in my mouth ;w;
I forgot, in order to do a rebirth novel, one has to start with the bitter-est sob story, else how could one rebirth and redo? :v

I forgot ;w; and the bitterness makes me sad. Actually, it’s an exaggeration.
I realized that I’m hypersensitive against ‘rape’ element in a story. There were 3 lines of detailed rape element in the first chapter, it’s not the MC or ML but it is still sad.

But if one could overlook that few lines, I think this story is quite okay.
It’s ongoing at the moment and I’m at Chapter 33 now, it is still interesting :3

Title : 废妻重生 / Rebirth of the Waste Wife
Author : Jīn Yuánbǎo / Gold Ingot (lol XD)
Status : Ongoing


Summary :
Wu Ruo died, and then rebirth-ed. But he rebirth-ed back to the time when he was most useless, most abhorrent, and fattest; the darkest period of his life.

Not only he was forced to get married to a man as his wife, he was a waste who couldn’t cultivate. He needed people to help him get out of the bed every morning, and he would ran out of breath after walking a few steps. When he left the room, his butt would get stuck at the door. He could be said as a waste to the extreme, his fattiness was the latest height.

But — he is already fat to this extent, ‘he’ actually wanted him to serve in bed? Shit.

Come then, this Uncle will crush you to death!

This lifetime, Wu Ruo has decided that while he takes his revenge, he would reverse all his dark history into white.

This Banana’s thoughts:
Wu Ruo is the MC and he is very fat, so fat that he needs to take note of his butt when he leaves a room. He thought his relatives and friends were treating him well despite being fat and has no cultivation, but it all turned out to be fake.
As of chapter 33, the ML seemed to be Hei Xuanyi . Hei Xuanyi is most probably a Kuudere and the interactions between MC and ML is quite cute to read 😀
HXY get cookie points from me because he didn’t discriminate the MC for being fat albeit a bit cold (from being a man of few words).
I like to read how the MC plan and execute his revenge on those who deserved it, because seriously, each and every one of them deserve to die being disemboweled while awake :v

[edit] This Banana read until the end of free chapters and still find it interesting 😀
Revenge is best served cold fast~
And I just found out that all the servants inside this story bear the House surname instead of having random auspicious surname-less name like normal story. That means even more people with surname Wu now XD

Q & A session

Q : Will you translate this novel?
A : No, I prefer to translate completed novels 😛

Q : Is this MTL-able?
A : Not exactly, the Wu family has a lot of family members. That means a lot of people with the surname Wu. That means you will see a lot of Ubu, Uru and Uzbekistan (in Google Translate), not knowing which one is which.

Q : Can you give me the link of the raw?
A : http://www.lcread.com/bookpage/301785/index.html

Q : Is this a Happy Ending (HE) story?
A : No idea, it’s ongoing and the author didn’t put tags for it.

Q : Can I translate it?
A : By all means, but I would prefer that you have a tiny amount of Chinese language and not completely MTL it, because Google Translate omitted a lot of words it couldn’t understand and sometimes twisted negative+positive words into negative words.


20 thoughts on “[Random] Thoughts on a danmei novel

  1. Chubby x kuudere?!!!!!! Wah, tell me more, tell me more *v*

    Does mc lose all his weight almost immediately? Lol, that’s how it happens in a lot of bl for some reason. Chubby just long enough to suffer persecution but loses his weight juuust in time for his love interest to have fun… But it seems like Kuudere-san already tasted the goods while they were still fresh?! XD Thank you for bringing my attention to this novel❤ I might just attempt the mtl… Uzbekistan, here I come~

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Lol, I’m not sure if it’s counted as spoiler :v
      1. Can’t say if the change is immediate since it is not happening yet in current lifetime .
      2. No tasting happen yet in current lifetime 😛

      More info about the ML :
      It seems he or his whole family practice dark arts so there’s something different from usual danmei I read. And ML kinda supporting towards MC random act of revenge XD (as of the chapter I’m reading now)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ehhhhh, as horrible as it sounds, I prefer my protag to be adorable/attractive in some way.
    I guess because I get hung up on all the health issues related to obesity, as I work in a hospital, and once you see the mold that can grow between fat layers there’s no romanticizing it.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. But does it take half the book for them to get up to par? (LOL why am I asking, you said it’s not completed yet >~>)
        Anyway, if it’s like piggy duke where we’ve got body issues even after 60+ chapters it’s just exhausting.
        That constant “buhi” crap also made me drop that novel, bleh. (Plus there was no redeeming BL or actual romance really so….)


      2. Lol, the buhi thing doesn’t exist in CN :v
        The chapter’s word count alternated from 1.1k to 3.4k in a 9:1 ratio so yeah, it might get to 60 chapters .
        It’s alright yo if you don’t like it, people have preference . I didn’t notice much of his fattiness because I’m more interested with how he plot the death of his relatives.
        There are a crapload of people who need to die after all. :p

        Liked by 2 people

  3. When he said he would crush ML with his fat ass I died 😂😂
    So I assume before rebirth everything was completely different. Do we get flashback to his past life too?

    Liked by 2 people

  4. The story you mention is nice but Can I suggest the story that I read in the spoiler section of novelupdates forum that I found very interesting.

    Maybe if you are interested, you can take this project instead? Also the story that you mention here is unknown if it is HE or not. Which is I think the most important factor.

    Anyway, I’m just suggesting and I will always love reading any story that you choose to translate. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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