[Random] A rant for injustice review :v

Alright, I got a rant here.

Just got me so riled up when I randomly browsed NU page for this novel and saw a review by this person called cocolot. He/She claimed that the story was confusing with the amount of idioms, and that a sexy time scene in the future would be rxpe because JY have no free will. WHAT.THE.HECK? Apparently this person read up until chapter 11, which was after JY & YJC left LXY’s house.

I do apologize for my translation skill, if the idioms are confusing. You have no idea how many idioms I omitted in my translation, the ones I translated was because it’s funny/self-explanatory/has an impact.

But I do not agree with your claim of rape. Everything was kinda within System’s control/prediction, if you are talking about the bridal chamber scene. And you only read up to chp 11, what is this stupid ‘MC has no free will’ crap?!

If you say ‘I’m not reading this novel anymore because I couldn’t stand JY being ordered around by System’ or ‘I’m quitting because of the Ji family’, then fair enough. But I don’t tolerate this false accusation… What is this, I cannot…

You know what’s rape? I’ll tell you what’s rape. I was browsing and reading a potential danmei to be translated. It was all peachy and stuff, until the MC got poisoned and the old, wrinkly doctor forced himself on the Male lead , reverse rxping the male lead for the payment to save the MC. The male lead was so disgusted with his own dirtiness that he got some trauma. That’s rape. I was disgusted with the story and stopped reading. That’s why you don’t see something like that in my translation, because I read a bit in advance liao.

And you know what? If you stayed longer, you would be able to see that YJC liked JY and JY too (subconsciously) liked him. No rape or of that nature happened. I’m so going to read the rest of the paid chapters and prove you wrong. AAARGH, I HATE!!

The only lack of free will in the novel is that JY cannot disobey the tasks. As for himself, he already started to change the pre-set characteristics and behaving like himself. Plus there are no other people who would care so much for JY, what the Hell is the lack of free will?!

Anyway, whoever has an account in NU, I would appreciate it if you could leave a review for this novel, at least what you think about this novel so far. We did reached a third of the novel after all.

Thank you.


43 thoughts on “[Random] A rant for injustice review :v

  1. To be honest I think you are being a bit oversensitive. I never really like to see translators try to control the reviews or community over at NU. You’re assuming that reviewer has more power than they actually do. It also sounds like you are making assumptions about this reviewer that might not be true. The chapter read indicator, from what I recall, just populates whatever chapter is checked off in the user’s reading list. That person may simply not have clicked to update progress. I know that has happened to me before when posting reviews.
    I haven’t read the review, but from what you describe the review actually doesn’t sound too far off the mark. It’s true that the MC is being controlled in this novel. It’s also true that the wedding scene earlier, had it progressed further, would have turned into a rape scene and not everyone is into the casual and sometimes romantic treatment of these issues in BL stories. If a note to give the demon lord a bj appeared in the MCs task bar would he do it? Probably. Could such a task appear in the future? With this system it definitely seems possible. Not every reader is into that, and that is OK.
    One thing that you might try is using these kinds of reviews to help you improve. Turn them into a positive. Early on I noticed that you were inserting a lot of notes to explain idioms in the middle of the text, rather than using footnotes. I’m glad to see that you have changed this recently, but you might want to go back and move your translator notes to the bottom of the page in earlier posts. When you talk about how confusing and difficult to translate idioms are in the middle of the text it’s not surprising that someone else picks up on this and integrates your own critique into their review. I think a lot of translators don’t realize how their own reflections and blog posts shape the kinds of reviews the novel gets.
    Anyway that is my 2 cents. This isn’t a masterwork of fiction so it’s going to attract some criticism. I personally get a bit tired of the good son of socialism vs. evil capitalism nonsense the author spews out, but what can you do? I’m enjoying the love story at its heart.

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    1. Uh, I appreciate the long comment?
      I’m not sure if you noticed it but I didn’t rant on the part where my TL is criticized.
      And nah, I will continue to put T/N where it’s needed instead of footnote.
      Because going up and down a footnote is a bother. Especially when the chapter is a long one.
      I read a novel with 25 footnotes before, and I decided to screw it and read as it is because that was really bothersome yo.

      And lol, I AM over-sensitive :v
      Pretty sure what a rant would contain. On the other hand, you are not so good yourself.
      Heard of 来者不善? People usually announce their intention right front when they wanted to debate.
      And your first sentence was to criticize me. No amount of ‘advice’ you gave later can negate that.

      There are people like me who read reviews to see if a novel is worthy to read or not. And I usually back off if someone mentioned rxpe because I ain’t reading that shit in normal novel.
      At that time, there were only 2 reviews. One good and this ‘no free will rxpe’ comment.
      Oh yeah, this Banana gonna burn, that’s what. You didn’t even read that cocolot’s review, why are you here? Oh yeah, to criticize me.

      And your ‘had it progressed further’ and ‘would have turned into a rape scene’ , these are all your assumptions. I have read further enough where JY wouldn’t really mind skinship that much, therefore enough proof to rebuke the ‘no free will thing’. And mind you, JiYuan has interest at YJC at chapter 9 whereas this reviewer’s chapter is marked at chapter 11.

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    2. For one, you are the one being an ingrate. The translator is right. You can’t just read a few chapters and start making assumptions. Commenting on the contents of a particular chapter is something but presuming and generalizing opinions and mark my words, ‘baseless’, unproved assumptions about the book as a whole or the future content of the book is definitely wrong. If the reviewer did not like what she had read up to chapter 11 then she could have simply dropped the book, heck, nobody needs her useless negative opinion. The translator worked hard to translate the book and she did not force anybody to read it. And you’re wrong to say the translator is being oversensitive. If someone left a review like that on a book I’m working hard to translate I would even do worse than that and I’m a translator and I know how hard it is. So you have no right to scold or reproach the translator. If you ain’t comfortable that she’s making a legit complaint then skip. Things like this just disgust me. Reproving when you don’t even understand the circumstance. Seriously you need to think things through thoroughly before deciding to judge. In this case, you’re even supposed to placate her not behave like a psyched goody two shoes. Jeez.

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  2. Translator, please calm yourself. Let the dog bark, they cant bite! Us, the reader here know very well, how good this story is! We really appreciate your notes on translation, it it helped us to understand the story better. Worry not, i, at least will read it until the end! I assure you ^^


  3. Yeah, this idiot is really an idiot. Unfortunately, idiotism can’t be cured by words, nor by science. Just leave this idiot alone, smart people will read all the positive comments and will not be fooled by only one negative review.
    Don’t worry, be happy ~
    (ノ_<。)ヾ(´▽` )

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  4. You don’t have to worry yourself about these kinds of things. As long as you’re reading the story and having fun with it, you’ll find that the people who continue reading this also like it as much as you or maybe even more. Those who don’t, will leave, and idiots will post negative comments. Leave them be, it’s not like they know you or what they’re missing. We of course appreciate your hard work and I really hope you continue translating this beautiful story. I’m having a lot of fun with it and I know how hard translating can be, so I really admire how you continue to put notes and try to make us understand as much as possible. It’s interesting to learn new idioms and their way of writing. And don’t feel bad, I’m just as sensitive as you and would be upset if someone did the same thing to me. So reading supporting comments really cheers me up and I hope I was able to cheer you up too. ^^

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