Eff it, I’m mad.

I found out that my white nonsense in the latest chapter have been wiped clean by the content-scraper.

Fuck, I’m angry.
(Pardon my vulgarities)

I guessed that means password-protect chapters are coming in the future.

…. dang, I’m really angry.

Here’s a picture of dear bro Hongsan as an apology for ranting and for future inconveniences by the password protected chapters.

bonus bro 2


12 thoughts on “Eff it, I’m mad.

  1. I love this story, and thank you for your hard work. it sucks that you are having a hard time from thief’s who take your hard work. reading this is giving me a headache. lol i feel like a dog chasing its own tail . i go to next chapters to end up with the one i just read or start on the next and find im missing a chunk of something . How can i read this wonderful story .?? HELP !! lol


  2. Dang it’s too bad no matter how hard you try, the shitty ppl still don’t listen. I’m sorry you have to go through this!!! Translating is a hard job to do and you are going out of ur way and giving up ur precious free time to translate for us!!! I appreciate this a lot since I can’t read in the original language. Thank you so much!!!

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    1. Yeah, but as someone mentioned before, not all know NU. And if you google the title, I was under (barely showing previously) the scraper …. orz

      Oh, please don’t go there to check, don’t wanna contribute to the page visit count


  3. Unfortunately assuming it’s the same aggregator that keeps doing this the password protection won’t actually work. The guy has proven himself willing to literally hand-type out each chapter while reading it if necessary.


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